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Forum Home > General Discussion > Razkovniche Anglichtiny
Razkovniche Anglichtiny
Jun 02, 2014 8:40 AM
Globus Founder - Joined: Mar 08, 2014
Posts: 9
So me and my friends recently created this new team, called Razkovniche Anglichtiny which means Razkovniche Protectors or Guardians. Razkovniche is a mythical plant from the Slovene mythology.
It is said to unlock and uncover anything hidden or locked.
Now enough of that, we need more players to join the team since we are playing a lot of games, we really don't have time to commit to one so much.
And there aren't very much of us currently.
Games are: Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Rome II, WoW (recently started, not very good yet), League of Legends. So if you play any of these games, and would like to commit yourself to playing with the team and being the best you can, you can contact me on