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Apr 09, 2014 12:42 PM

*I bought the game and have only the Legal version on Steam!*

I play often via Tunngle and noticed that a lot of player have old version, bug, errors...
So i make now a Tutorial for Tunngle gaming!
Why Hamachi or Tunngle? Because you can start your private Server there, of curse Gametracker is a very usefull addition!

How to Install

1. Download last version of 7DTD, READ THE README !!!
2. If avariable download fix (Version 7.7) on the same website!
*For exmaple "Version 7.7 Hotfix" do fix the Inventory fuzzy/repacked!
3. If you do not have already "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages" installed, download and install it!
*It fix "Visual/mono.dll Errors"
4. After or while reading Readme.txt in the game directory, run "Install_32.bat" or "Install_64.bat"!
5. Open in the game directory "C:/.../Games/7DTD/" the file "GAME.ini" and Edit your Nickname! "Line 48"
6. Download, register, run, enter 7DTD room in Tunngle/Hamachi!
7. Right of send button in Tunngle is the "run" button (orange colored mouse) rightklick and configurate
8. Ask only once for Server IP in the chat, Copy the IP and port if not 25000!
9. Run Game, navigate on "Connect to Server" paste IP/port in the buttom Line "Connect to Server IP: ... Port: ... press [Start]! Have Fun!

Known Bugs:
*Failed to load mono..." -> Install "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages" or start "Install_32.bat" or "Install_64".bat"!
*No Serverlist -> Buy the Game you ******
*Steam Account Infromation: The steam client isn't running or no connection possible! -> Yout Anti-Virus blocked
.../games/7dtd/"steam_api.dll" and "steam_api64.dll" you have to unblock this to files!
*My name is ingame is "3DMGAME" -> open GAME.ini and change line 48 !
*My inventory and position in servers change themself after reconnect -> V. 7.7 Hotfix (just invetory)
*My Ping is very high "200 - 1000" -> try port forwarding; "UDP Tunngle "11155", TCP and UDP 7DTD "25000-25003"
*My Ping is very high "20 - 150" -> its normal! this as alpha!
*other Bugs -> here

Tutorial will come;
Set up private server with Tunngle/Hamachi
Useful Stuff like; Server Manager, Custom Recipes, Textures, Server Settings, Mods, Maps
Tunngle/Hamachi Version of 7DTD Serverlist

Please Report bugs/reasons/solutions, tips, tricks, glitches, ... all you dont find in the official wiki

Official 7DTD Wiki