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About [NGBC] :
We are a French "tactical" community born on Feb 2013.
We are a young community, but the founders come from an old European community (died in 2013) which played the COD series for 6 years.
We are the French reborn people of the former group.

We are hosting our own servers games and we are playing mainly on Arma3 and COD4 (crouch tactical style).
We are running also servers for Minecraft and TF2

It does not matter if you do not speak French we have opened a special section on our forum for "English speaking gamers"

About "tactical":
To be clear the "tactical" comes from our game play on COD.
We try to fight together but we are not fanatic of simulation and orders to follow.
We are not structured as a military organisation.
Everyone play as they want, thinking before running in front of enemies’ bullets.

About Recruitment :
Even though the community is young, we have some experience of online gaming.
Our goal has always been to game in a friendly spirit, avoiding those who are “ World Champions” and “Trolls” . We game tactically respecting all gamers.
Our recruitment is based on the quality of the indivividual members and not the quantity.
Our objective is not blanket recruitment; we are selective.
First of all, we want to know our members, they are required to participate in the forum, join us on TS and of course they have to play regularly with us and be gamers with a sense of humour and great attitude.

Conditions are on our website.

Where to find us :
Website :
Twitter : @NGBCTeam
Steam group
Facebook Page

Our servers :

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