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Void DarkRP|Grand Opening|Need Staff|Custom|FastDL|FreeVIP|
Aug 09, 2019 1:54 PM
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Our server is based around being a playground where theres a ton of unique Classes/Jobs, and is very heavily customized, we have unique things that have never before been seen in other servers, or even considered. We have very dedicated hard-working staff members.

Our Free VIP option is actually very true, we do have Donator Classes, however you can purchase those Classes with in-game currency, such as Pointshop Points, for free.

Plus we do weekly Donator Rank give-aways to those who wish to participate and try their luck.

Our server is very heavily optimized, and if theres any form of issue, Void Communitys Staff will get right onto trying to fix any problems ASAP, whether its bugs or players or any possible chance of a corrupt staff member.

We mainly run everything off of our Discord:

But we have a Steam Group:

We look very forward to seeing you.

Server IP:

Our SWEP base is code and designed specifically for our Server, none other has it, it uses the weapons of M9K, but it's not M9K, it helps us be able to create and release unique weapons for players to try out.
But our Classes are where the most unique portion comes in, some of our classes have 'communication' lines between one another, where if you look at a player of a certain class, they comment.
For example: We have two Overwatch Classes, Mercy and Genji. When they look at one another, they have a vocal line that plays. However they're not the only classes that have this feature, many others do, and more are being looked into.
We also provide classes to be as unique as they can get, we have a Grim Reaper class, that is unable to harm anyone or be harmed by anyone above 30hp, if someone drops to 30 or lower, the Reaper can be damaged by that player who's low, and the Reaper themself can damage the player who has 30 hp.
The 30hp player is notified that the Reaper is after them, and for the Reaper the player is marked on their screen so they know their exact location. They still however cannot be harmed by people above 30hp.
When comes to Mercy and Genji once again, they're designed to be almost identical to how they're played within the game Overwatch, Mercy has her staff that lets her glide to players, and heal them up.
Genji has his ability to climb on walls and dash to players (he currently, and may never be given the ability to deflect or double jump, that's to remain seen).
We have Deadpool, where he actually cannot die, he goes into a regenation state and recovers with health.
We have 'Bioshock Daddies' which are able to swim fast, and regenerate underwater, while being slow moving on land and very tanky.
We also have a Hud designed specifically for our server.
Plus, we have Level restricted weapons (however this may possibly be seen on other servers, I'm unsure of this).
We mainly just have heavily detailed classes that are unique in their own ways, which makes them stand out. Rather most servers have the same Class just duplicated with a new model.
But our Weapon base provides a lot of enjoyment as they feel as powerful as they look and sound. Where you get actual recoil, and the ability to walk 'passively' with them out.
Our Economy isn't severely damaged like most, it's not too low but it's also not too high, earning money isn't a hassle, but it does require some effort and time.
Finally, we have 'Gang Territories' where Gangs can own a Territory and be able to expand, they can even expand to become the new 'Law' of the City. Plus we allow the possibility of a Custom Gang to expand and become this large. The Custom Gangs can even choose models, and so on.
I'll gladly answer questions.
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