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-1- AWE Realism CTF/HQ/ and more
Feb 03, 2015 8:54 PM
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The -1- server is new to this old game.

It features:

*New weapon sounds

*AWE realism options and more realistic weapon damage

*Flashbang/smoke grenades

*A good variety of the best stock maps and great custom maps

*Gametype/map voting

*1hq gametype (HQ with a 5x larger radio capture/destroy area, 30 second capture/destroy time, and 15 second respawn time)

*1koth gametype (King Of The Hill, HQ with a 15x larger radio capture/destroy area, 60 second capture/destroy time, and 10 second respawn time. This is run on large maps and keeps things interesting even with just a few players. Radios cannot be captured if an enemy is in the zone, you must keep them at bay to take the "hill".

I've about got everything set up just right, now I only need you guys to come and play! Come check it out, IP is